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What is a Signet Ring?

What are Signet Rings for?

A signet ring is a type of ring that features a distinctive design or emblem on its flat top surface, known as the "seal." These rings were used to mark and seal documents by pressing the face which were historically marked with a unique family crest, into hot wax. Signet rings have a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations and were especially popular during the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. Traditionally a masculine piece of jewellery, signet rings have become a popular style among both men and women

The design on the signet ring's seal can be intricate and unique, often displaying a family crest, initials, symbols, or other meaningful motifs. The process of pressing the seal onto a material like wax would leave behind a distinctive impression, authenticating the document or package.

In addition to their historical significance, signet rings are also worn as fashionable accessories today. Perfect for adding a touch of class and sentiment to your jewellery collection, they serve as a nod to tradition and heritage while also being stylish and personalised pieces of jewellery. Modern signet rings might carry initials, monograms, or symbols that hold personal meaning to the wearer.

Personalised Signet Ring Gifts for her

The use of a signet ring has changed much since its beginnings. Many families choose to pass these personalised rings down the generations as an heirloom. Whilst many people receive their very own personalised gift in the form of a signet ring as a 21st birthday gift. A signet ring is a very sentimental gift for the wearer now often engraved with initials.

Signet rings are characterised by a raised, flat surface that sits above the rest of the ring. This surface is then engraved with initials, name or monogram.

Create a sentimental and unique gift for her, this engraved ring entirely represents the person who is wearing it, whether that be through a monogram, or a special anniversary date.

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