Behind the Scenes: Mini Bloom Photo Shoot

On a wet and windy day in mid-October, we gathered the Bloom creative team; photographer, stylist and four over excited children to shoot our new Christmas Mini Bloom collection. Twice a year we shoot our latest personalised gifts for little ones, with personalised necklaces to Jellycat toys, charm bracelets to personalised Tutu's, there's a lot to get covered!

Our locations around Devon vary from homes to historic buildings. This year a beautiful Georgian townhouse with Large sash windows, period fireplaces and muted toned walls made a perfect backdrop for the winter shoot. Our stylist plans the shoot, gathers props and products and sets up before the children arrive.

A shoot with Children never goes to plan! As much as we organise outfits, product images, and layouts the children tend to dictate what they want to wear, hold or how they want to pose!
Lots of foody treats and bribery tends to help when they lose concentration or there's a particular shot required.

They always love cuddling the Jellycat soft toys and jumping around in the Personalised Tutu's (or even a bath full of Tutu's) but to get close up shots of the Personalised Name Necklaces, Initial necklace's, and personalised bracelets is a little trickier. It has to be fast paced and requires a lot of shots, a very patient photographer and lots of encouragement from the team.

The Mini Bloom shoots are always exhausting but a lot of fun, the children love discovering all of the gorgeous personalised jewellery and toys and usually go home clutching a friendship bracelet, jellycat bunny and this year one of our stunning personalised advent calendars!