Did you know that each month of the year is represented by a flower? As well as birthstones every month throughout the year has a flower associated with it. It's a tradition that dates back to Roman times and became hugely popular with the Victorians. Wearing your birth flower is deemed to bring you good fortune and happiness and the characteristics are believed to have symbolic meanings related to your personality.

The Birth Flower collection includes flower charms which can slide on to your necklace or bracelet chain through the centre of each flower, these stunning cut out flower charms look great individually or stacked up along the chain and make such a special personalised gift for a new mum or a birthday gift for a friend. Add more flower charms,  an engraved name charm or birthstone charms from our additional charm options.

We have expanded our Birth Flower collection due to popularity! The new collection features beautifully delicate hand-drawn illustrations, which have then carefully been created into necklace and bracelet charms. These hand etched pendants are reminiscent of paper-thin florals, pressed between pages to capture their unique beauty. We can engrave a name or initials to the back of the charm to create a unique personalised gift for her. The charms are sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver in either a disc or oval shape which has been hand finished to give an organic feel in-keeping with the illustrated flowers. We think this collection looks great worn layered together with other name necklaces, layered up with personalised initial bracelets or with our new botanical engraved initial necklaces. Again you can add more charms to your necklace or bracelet, making it as unique and personalised as you like!

As with birthstones, there can be numerous symbolic flowers for each month of the year, colour variations of the flower have different meanings too. You may want to wear a birth flower for its properties and symbolism or just because it's your favourite flower, or perhaps your daughter's name is Daisy!

Birth Flower Meanings

January : Carnation, symbolising devotion, loyalty and love

February : Iris, the Iris represents hope, wisdom and courage

March : Daffodil, the flower of Spring and new beginnings, prosperity and wealth

April : Daisy, the humble Daisy symbolises purity, innocence and love

May : Lily, symbolising purity, love and sympathy

June : Rose, the flower of passion, love, beauty and honour

July : Larkspur, the Summer Larkspur represents success, opportunities and luck

August : Gladiolus symbolises Strength, generosity and integrity

September : Aster, the Aster represents wisdom, faith and love

October : Calendula, also known as a marigold symbolising protection, friendship and creativity

November : Chrysanthemum, a good luck symbol, joy and friendship

December : Poinsettia, the December Birth Flower represents success, hope and purity

Personalised Jewellery makes a wonderful gift and if you are looking for something a little bit different then why not create a Personalised Birth Flower jewellery gift, engraved with a name, initials or date. We hope you like them and would love to hear what flower you are and which ones you like.